”I wish to inspire, to tell stories; I choose to give light to the parts unknown. Knowledge of life is changing, and to share that type of curiosity is meaningful to me.
It’s not just about painting something weird, it’s about questioning the world around you. It’s about how much we don’t know anything at all.”

Molly Devlin was raised outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania; an rural eastern landscape, of woods, farmlands, and industrial factories, a place stimulating the creativity she found at an early age. Her exposure to art began by taking frequent trips to Philadelphia and New York City, soaking in all of the street art and museum exhibitions of the time. Finding the most inspiration in the works of surrealist painters and illustrators such as, Salvador Dali, heironymous bosch, Remedios Varo, Mark Ryden and Ralph Steadman.

Molly graduated from Northampton Community College in 2009, with a primary focus on pen&ink illustration. She relocated to northern California later that year, to grow independently. Over the past several years, her work has been predominantly made in oils and acrylics, done with the same attention to fine detail that shaped her older illustrations. Over the past decade, she has worked and showcased throughout the west coast, including murals and installation art.

Her artwork is deeply rooted in human emotion, organic life, darkness and magic. Devlin’s vision comes from a yearning to understand our relationship with the natural world, where the human mind and the nature world collide. A fantastical display of phenomenons happening behind the curtains of our known reality, in a surreal atmosphere to challenge interpretations of the world around us.


In regards to private commissions, mural hirings, or an interest in adding a piece to your collection,  my email is provided below. 

Thank you, 
 Molly Devlin

Phone: (610)360-0294